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Guarantee Insurability Year after Year: Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance

You know the benefits of having life insurance but you may not be financially ready to purchase a permanent policy. You may find that term life insurance is a better fit for you because it gives you the flexibility of changing your policy if you find something that fits your needs better in the future. However, did you know that many annual term life insurance policies might not insure you after a year if you become ill? These types of policies have no guarantee you will be able to purchase life insurance each year and this could be devastating to you and your loved ones if you were to pass away after your annual term has expired.

Thinking about an annual renewable term life insurance policy?

How Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance Can Help

If you fear you won't be able to purchase life insurance several years into the future because of poor health, yearly renewable term life insurance may be a better fit for you. This annual renewable term life coverage provides you with a guarantee you will be able to purchase term life insurance after your term year has expired no matter if your health has deteriorated. These policies will guarantee renewal for 10, 20, 30, or more years.

Once your yearly renewable term life has expired, you will be able to purchase another year with an adjusted premium. Your health and the probability of your death are two factors that determine the cost of your premium for the annual renewable term life insurance. You may pay more in premiums as your health declines but you will still be able to have life insurance and death benefits for your loved ones. You can get started by requesting information here.

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